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Dig proof crate pad comparison picture
Standard Crate Mat - dig proof crate pad

Tough - Dig and Scratch Proof Crate Pads

Standard Crate Mats are the strongest dig and scratch proof crate pad made for working dogs.
These tough crate pads are designed and built to last for dogs who like to dig and scratch.

Our crate pad is also made for comfort and will absorb impact forces from your vehicle while traveling. Our crate pads feel similar to high quality anti-fatigue mats. The Standard Crate Mat has a unique blend of toughness, comfort, and flexible customization.

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Dig proof crate pad cushion

Dig Proof Crate Pad:
The tough, top layer will hold up to the strongest diggers. This dig proof crate mat is made with a 1/16" layer of truck bedliner liner making it dig proof.

If your dog digs through it, we'll replace or provide full refund per our warranty, click here.

Anti-Fatigue mat comfort:
The flexible top surface bends to your dogs weight. The foam layer will absorb vibration forces while traveling helping your dog be more comfortable.

The dig proof crate pads are rollable, extremely light weight, and very portable. Standard Crate Mats can easily be removed from any crate for cleaning.

Rollable dig proof crate pad

Good For Your Dog, Easy On You!

Dig proof crate pad - custom sizes

Custom Sized:
Tired of buying crate pads that don't perfectly fit your crate? We offer a large variety of sizes to fit all crates. Our crate pads are custom made and can be cut to any size.

We've had customers order down to 1/8." (Ex. 42 1/2" Depth by 26 1/8" Width)


Easy to Clean:
Tired of washing crate pad covers in the washer? Standard Crate Mats are waterproof and easily cleaned. Simply spray with hose and clean with a brush. Wipe off to clean and dry. These crate pads will not absorb water or urine.

dig proof crate pad with waterpoof top and foam layers
Insulating diagram of dig proof crate pad

Need an Insulating crate mat for your travel crate? Regular open cell foam mats don't provide much insulation. Our closed cell foam crate mats with the top layer block 99.9% of heat / cold transfer from the crate floor.

These crate mats will prevent heat loss in the winter and help block outside heat from entering the crate during the summer.

Your dog will be more comfortable!

Standard Crate Mats - Dig Proof