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TuffComfort Products Closed

Beginning effective the first of January 2021 I have closed down TuffComfort Products. I'd like to thank everyone that purchased a crate mat.

Durable Crate Mats

chew proof crate pad versus regular crate pad

Tough Crate Pads

TuffComfort Crate Pads are "Good For Your Dog and Easy On You!"  When other crate pads fail dog owners turn to TuffComfort.

The Deluxe Crate Mat is the best chew proof, dig proof, water proof, and comfortable crate pad for dogs.  Engineered for dogs or puppies that chew and have shredded other crate pads.  These pads can hold up to dogs with Separation Anxiety or just tough dogs who like to chew and dig.

The Standard Crate Mat is a great dig proof and water proof crate pad with toughness and comfort.  These are great all purpose crate pads and work great in travel crates.  These dig proof crate pads are designed to last a lifetime.

The Delta Performance Mat is our unique water proof crate pad designed to keep dogs drier.  It includes integrated drain holes and channels.  These crate pads work great in travel kennels and are warrantied as dig resistant.

TuffComfort Crate Pad Videos

Durable Crate Pad

These videos showcase our chew proof, dig proof, and water proof crate pads.  Each crate pad comes in various sizes specifically made for different crates.  See below.

Happiness Guarantee & Warranty

Happiness Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

We offer a 30 Day Happiness Guarantee or full refund.  Our warranties include "One Year Chew Proof," "One Year Dig Proof," and "Lifetime Manufacturers." 

Any Replacement Crate Pads are customized to each customer's request.  Click here for more details about each mats warranty.